Mrs M’s London is a no nonsense connoisseur’s magazine offering the crème de la crème of news, information and guidance to charm, entertain, edify, enlighten, and educate our audience, who have an appetite for literature, culture, social commentary and practical tips about London, the UK and everywhere. Our discerning and well-travelled audience are fed up with the global, celebrity and money cultures. We remember when London was an affordable, pleasant city of neighbourhoods, each with its’ own unique personality.

We feature a miscellany of recommendations, history, criticism, politics, reviews, rants and raves, short stories, serialized fiction, poetry, biography, heroes and heroines, grands fromages and grandes dames, obituaries, and information about gardening, bridge, music and opera, art, haute and retro cuisine and recipes, wine, events, travel, sports, pets, etiquette, and tips from the butler’s pantry.  In other words, all our favourite things!

We invite our audience to participate in our community of readers and writers by signing up for the Royal Enclosure membership area, where you can compete in short story competitions, take advantage of special offers, and contribute your own reviews, comments, articles, essays, and works of fiction.

Mrs M’s small circle of friends who include her husband, Atticus, her friend the Countess du Ruel, and Clouseau, the dog, will observe and report their pet peeves and special delights in Rants and Raves.

This entertaining Companion to the Good Life will acquaint you with the old-fashioned and discreet charms of people, places and events that make life enjoyable and enrich the minds of nostalgic grown-ups.

Rediscover the old world charms and traditional values of Mrs. M’s London, where good manners, speaking softly, value for money, good food at reasonable prices and quality prevailed. London was eccentric and English, not an anonymous global village. Homes were personal and elegant, and people were polite.

Mrs. M’s London was a friendly place of well-brought up people. They said hello on the street and had cucumber sandwiches for tea.

In today’s London it is still possible to live in a creative, civilized, non-money/celebrity-driven community. We will introduce you to people, places, events, arts, shops and travel to help you enjoy a lifestyle like Mrs. M’s…at home…abroad…everywhere…in 2009.

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