Laura Fellowes’ Hand-painted and Bespoke Furniture and Board Games

It is always hard to find something both original and special for a christening present, until now. Laura Fellowes makes hand-painted furniture and bespoke presents that will impress even the most materialistic new parents.

Buy a plain piece of nursery furniture and have it decorated with pictures of Babar, Thomas the Tank Engine, flowers or the child’s name. If you don’t have time, Fellowes will source the piece herself, either from antique or second hand furniture shops in Norfolk or London, or even build it herself.

If you have old bits of furniture that you can’t bear to part with, Fellowes will re-model and restore them back to health. Or you can commission a piece of specially-designed and handmade furniture. She will match something to go with a new room, such as a chest of drawers paint-matched to go with new curtains, or cover a set of bookshelves in fabric.

But if furniture isn’t fun enough, Fellowes also specializes in board games, from Scrabble and Draughts to Snakes & Ladders and Cluedo. The boards are made out of painted pinewood, although she can also make backgammon boxes, either out of wood or covered in material, complete with hinges and a lock.

The whole process is very creative. Fellowes will meet you to discuss an idea and then send sketches and a quote before undertaking the commission. Every single piece of furniture or game has been different, and she has never made the same thing twice. Each project is a new challenge and Fellowes thrives on turning her customer’s hazy vision into reality. “Often somebody knows what they want but can’t articulate it,” says Fellowes. “I then have to figure it out and turn it into something beautiful. That’s what makes it interesting.”

— Lucinda Baring
Laura Fellowes
020-8969 6672 

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