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tumblr_mgc0uw1sea1ro0vmko1_1280There is nothing more glamorous than a proper hat.  You wouldn’t expect to find a treasure trove of hats good enough for the beau monde at the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp in October or Ascot in June in a barn in the backwoods of Oxfordshire.  But voi!  If you are fed up with ‘fascinators’ and fiddly little feathers on combs, then pay Hats Whiskers a visit for the real deal.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tucked away behind the gates of a house in a little village, Gainfield,  on the Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire border, this shop is one you wouldn’t find without a little inside knowledge.  People who love Hats Whispers are tempted to keep it a secret.  But they usually break down and spread the word about how wonderful these hats are.  Some hats look smart enough for Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

When her marriage went wrong, owner Sarah Main decided to put her nimble fingers to good use and converted a barn to sell her wares. Now people flock from far and wide to buy them.  Once bitten you’re sure to return.

The hats come in every size, shape and colour, so if you already have the dress, you are bound to find something that goes. Otherwise, go for a really spectacular one and build your outfit around it. There are old-fashioned hats for the slightly older woman, pretty ones with flowers, modern ones with a twist or just really big ones that will make anyone stand out from the crowd. You might choose the sleek tear shape in an shocking pink, or the small sea blue pillbox worn down toward the eye with a white feather, or a disc in tangerine with a turquoise rose.  Whatever you choose, most clients have trouble deciding and end up wanting two or three.

And if there’s really nothing that captures your imagination, take along an old hat and have it adapted or embellished to make it good as new or start from scratch and design your own.

Hats are for hire as well as for sale, so why not change with the seasons and hire a new one for every occasion?  Hats are by appointment only and generally £40 to £50/hire or £120 to buy, or maybe £400 if it’s a designer model.  After a hat has been worn three times, Sarah is unlikely to sell it unless the buyer is aware of its history. After a fourth outing, hats are generally ‘retired’. No one should have to wear a tired-looking hat.

Hats Whiskers
Nr Faringdon
Tel: 01367-870 248
Mob: 07788-423 624

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