Save Brandy Island

Help us save the Infant Thames

Brandy IslandBrandy Island is a wilderness on the Infant Upper Thames near the National Trust conservation village of Buscot, in Oxfordshire.  This tranquil beauty spot is a wildlife habitat that is vital to the rural character of the river.

An appeal has been set up to found a long term solution to safeguard this valuable site from commercial development.  We are hoping to raise funds to help the National Trust, a wildlife or conservation group, or a philanthropic donor to buy the island and save it for the nation.

Brandy Island is an idyllic setting with a Grade I 13c church, Grade II* historic house and unspoiled countryside. The views of Brandy Island and adjacent St. Mary’s Church and the Old Parsonage are prized by walkers on the Thames Path, visitors to the area, artists, photographers, cyclists, local residents, boaters and all who enjoy the beauty of this riverside.

Pre-Raphaelite painters from William Morris’s Kelmscott House across the river have immortalized this Thames landscape.  Burne-Jones’s famous stained-glass windows, the Good Shepherd and Faith, Hope and Charity, adorn the church.  They are masterpieces of artistic and historic interest and form part of our heritage.

There are plans to commercially develop Brandy Island by relocating on the island the boatyard and camper van site near the Trout Inn, Lechlade, Glos.  This boatyard is a local eyesore.  The proposal would destroy this beauty spot and alter the setting of the Church and Old Parsonage. It would generate noise and music, increase traffic and car parking facilities and bring hundreds of people into this quiet, unspoiled habitat.

Brandy Island is a locality which has become part of our rural, riverside identity and our river history.  Help the Save Buscot/Brandy Island Appeal to preserve the tranquil beauty and wildlife habitat of this unique island.  Help us to save the Infant Thames.

Visit and view our campaign video on YouTube.

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  1. James Campbell Sue & Dick
    Posted October 7, 2013 at 5:54 pm | Permalink

    As members of the NT, we object to the commercialization of Brandy Island because of: 1. the dubious legality of the site sale, 2. the splinter effect of allowing development in protected areas of natural beauty and 3. the site destruction of rare wildflie habitats.

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