Moloh Fashions for English Women

My friend Alice turned up at an art opening the other day wearing a quirky, tweed Bonaparte tail coat, that made us all laugh and sent us running to Moloh on the Pimlico Road for something uniquely English and new. English history runs through Moloh’s fashions with a large dash of subtle British humour. I bought a Spencer shirt, although I was sorely tempted by a ruffled shirt called the Musketeer. I couldn’t leave without a tricorn hat in leopard.

Moloh’s makes no bones about the brand being “Clothes for English Women.” There’s no doubting that the look is English and made from Scottish sourced tweeds and local textiles. The inspiration comes from the pages of novels and battles, for example, Thackery’s and Trollope’s heroes and heroine, and Trafalgar and Waterloo. The concept is original, and you won’t run into yourself everywhere you go.

Moloh’s quintessentially British ladies wear specializes in expert tailoring and native fabrics from English mills. The flagship boutique opened in Tetbury in 2009, and new collections are designed in the Tetbury studio and produced in the UK. Even the belt buckles are made in the Midlands.

Owner and designer Caroline Smiley describes her designs as “military and equestrian.” I would say the military is more the“panache 1815 brocade” version described in Vanity Fair at the ball the night before the battle of Waterloo, than the camouflage or “fatigues” worn in battle today.

Vogue described Moloh’s chic as “le style anglais,” and I would agree.

— Countess du Ruel

24 Pimlico Road


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