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1891ada_no_textIf you are sick of designer or high street fashion and want to develop your own sense of style, there is only one way to go – vintage, darling. But if you can’t face the idea of wading through moth-eaten rags and don’t know the difference between vintage and archaic, head to One – the word in individuality. There, owner Marcelle Symons has done the hard work for you, so think more Sienna Miller and less Miss Haversham. These isn’t t a granny garment in sight.

The emphasis behind the shop is, as its name suggests, that everything on sale is a one off – from the vintage dresses and jewellery to the original prints signed by Mick Rock. Every single item is a collectible, dating back to Victorian times and up until the late 80s, with later pieces only included if they are completely unique. Some of the accessories are Edwardian while other treasures include Ossie Clark and Balenciaga dresses, Chanel bags and old-fashioned Rolex watches.

All the shop assistants are trained seamstresses so any item can be adapted or reconstructed to fit – one dress was changed from a size 10 to a size 16. Marcelle has also introduced her own reworked vintage label called Mamie. For those who can’t quite stretch to the real vintage gems, One offers a diffusion line at more affordable prices. But whatever you come out with – rest assured you won’t spot it on anyone else or suddenly see it cloned in Topshop – it’s one of a kind.

— Lucinda Baring

30 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AB
Tel: 020-72215300

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