Jonathan BaringJonathan Baring creates bespoke modern classics in furniture  in his atelier in a clock tower in rural Oxfordshire.  He does what many of us wish we could. He follows his instincts and creates his own unique craft. Like the handiwork of traditional craftsmen of earlier ages, his creations shout richness and originality. He is a virtuoso. Nothing here is a cliché. The style is stark, bold and has finesse. You immediately want to run your hand over the top of a clean, geometric cocktail cabinet of such clever design, you know you’ll never run into another. It looks and is expensive, but these ideas are for the extravagant imagination. And it would help to have an ample purse. His atelier is located in a stable block beneath an elegant clock tower in Coleshill in Wiltshire, which once was part of Coleshill House. There are pastoral views over the park and countryside. The atelier itself is immaculate featuring high tech precision machines from Germany and Italy. Jonathan fashions his furniture by hand using specialist equipment and exotic woods from all over the world, South America, Asia, Africa and Canada. Just outside his gate is a garden of the exact shape, size and configuration of the original Coleshill house. You feel this is an inspiring location for an artist to get his work done. This is a place where people do original things. Lucky Jonathan, you say to yourself. The first thing I noticed entering the atelier was the shaft of light flowing in through the large windows. It was a Saturday morning, and I got the impression that this is where products are designed and hewn in a space which is attuned to timeless, uncluttered taste. The machines themselves are impressive. Here is craftsmanship that you might have thought was long lost in today’s world. Here is where a perfectionist works and produces quality. The tables, chairs and sideboards which I saw were all beautifully made, modern, high tech, of rare, tactile grained wood that speaks for itself. The furniture is massive and strong and looks like it is meant to last several lifetimes. If there is an avant, ‘avant garde,’ maybe this is it. It certainly is the place to look for pure design and clear vision. Bravo!

John Hopkins

Jonathan Baring The Stable Yard Coleshill Oxfordshire, SN6 7PT Tel: 01793 765452 Fax: 01367 244598

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