Haynes Hanson & Clarke Wine Merchant

Haynes, Hanson & Clark enjoys a handsome facade on Elystan Street, nestled next to Jago’s Butchers. Its position as London’s specialist Burgundy outlet is strengthened by co-founder Anthony Hanson’s authorship of the definitive, eponymous book Burgundy , in which he famously wrote, “Great Burgundy smells of shit.”

With the onward march of supermarkets and chains of wine shops, Haynes, Hanson & Clark is a beacon of originality. “We are constantly monitoring supermarkets such as Waitrose,” says manager Jim Eustace, “but they don’t have the same flexibility that we do: we can buy just three cases of something and explain the wine’s qualities to customers in a way a supermarket can’t. They have to deal in large quantities.”

Since the company’s birth in 1978, its house champagne, Pierre Vaudon, has become synonymous with great Chelsea parties. “You can drink a whole bottle and feel fine,” Eustace explains. This stems from the pure quality of the wine – the grapes are selected solely from premier cru vineyards, with classic proportions of seventy-five per cent Pinot Noir and twenty-five per cent Chardonnay. There are no inferior grapes such as Pinot Meunier included, and the wines are aged for three years in the bottle. As a result, they have no excessive acidity and don’t result in an excessive hangover. The vintage Pierre Vaudon is even better!

Haynes, Hanson & Clark holds tastings twice a year around London and the rest of the country. In spring, the new Loire, white Burgundy, and older wines from the cellars are tasted. Autumn sees the tasting of the previous year’s Bordeaux vintages, and young Burgundies. There are also tasting dinners held in good restaurants such as Roussillon (16, St. Barnabas Street, Pimlico) with tickets typically in the region of £250. Led by Anthony Hanson himself, also senior consultant of the Christies wine department, they are a gourmet’s delight, consisting of around eight wines and five courses. Cheers!

— Orlando Bridgeman

Haynes, Hanson & Clark
7, Elystan Street
020 7584 7927

Sheep Street
Gloucestershire GL54 1AA
01451 870 808

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