mrsmIs household bleach the elixir of youth? ponders Mrs. M.  If so, what a cheap and easy method to achieve what we all desire.  Scientists are now saying the household bleach which sells for a few pence at every supermarket, may be used to remedy skin damaged by sunbathing or radiotherapy and even to halt the march of time and reverse the signs of ageing.

Researchers have found that skin dipped in thinned bleach started looking younger and less fragile and even resulted in cell proliferation.  This will be a great relief to cancer patients who have suffered skim damage and side effects from radiation therapy.

Dermatologists believe that bleach blocks a process that causes inflammation in skin cells. It also reverses the sunburn-like symptoms of radiation therapy.  It may be beneficial in reversing the ageing process, healing wounds and diabetic ulcers, and eczema,  say the researchers.

I’m all ears but will be waiting to hear a bit more before beginning to treat myself to a daily bleach bath.  However,  I will be buying a few large bottles of Thin Bleach the next time I’m shopping.

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