Green Coffins from Devon

It’s not everyday that a good idea comes along, especially in the funeral world. One of the most novel innovations that I’ve come across in recent years is a joyous looking wicker basket which is a sustainable coffin.

Coffins are a subject which no one wants to talk about. They are hardly ‘retail therapy.’ But these wicker coffins put a smile on your face and don’t arouse a painful stigma that the sight of an armour
plated metal coffin does. Almost anyone can imagine himself lying quite comfortably in one of these.

The first time I saw a green coffin was at a friend’s funeral. I couldn’t get over the profound effect it had on the normally grim and melancholy experience. I think everyone in the congregation felt relieved knowing our dearly departed was lying in this basket of flowers. Here was a big wicker basket with
yellow, blue and white spring flowers on top. Pink ribbons in various hues trailed down the sides

A ripple of surprise and welcome relief passed through the mourners as we realized this was a coffin. A sense of renewal normally lacking at funerals filled the church. I think most of us present decided then and there, “That’s what I want when the time the time comes!” I’d much rather depart in a beautiful spring basket than a sober, claustrophobia box. This amazing coffin seemed to dispel the gloom of the occasion, almost as if the coffin had wings.

Daisy Coffins was launched two years ago by a Devon-based family firm. Phillip Wensley and his sons Craig and Alex Cooper, and family friend Andrew Baxendale have established a business using natural materials like water hyacinth and banana leaf which come from the Far East.

Initially they received a mixed reception from the trade, although several funeral directors ordered them for their showrooms. Eventually they hope green coffins will be offered by all the 4,000 funeral directors in the country.

Personally, I can’t imagine anyone wanting a traditional coffin after they see one of these. It looks like this marketplace has the potential for world-wide expansion. The mind boggles thinking what might possibly be next?? I’ve heard there are now wool coffins!

— Mrs M

Daisy Coffins
10 Babbage Road
Totnes, Devon
01803- 865-437



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  1. Joseph Whitlock
    Posted November 19, 2013 at 11:35 am | Permalink

    This is a very interesting idea, and I’d like to hear more about ‘green coffins.’ How do I contact the producers?

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