PostCarden Blossoming Postcards

Though it’s quick and easy to correspond with friends via email, I still stand firm when it comes to sending traditional thank you letters and birthday cards by post. There’s nothing nicer than feeling in your hand a rich, textured paper, which is evidence of a friend’s love and thoughtfulness in tangible form. And we all love browsing the cards on a friend’s mantelpiece where creamy wedding invitations or stylish memento of parties or grand events entice us.

When it comes to very special greetings cards, I think I have found just the ticket. Or thicket, should I say. This London-based company, A Studio For Design, have created the PostCarden, an ingenius 3- dimensional postcard, complete with watercress seeds, that transforms into a mini garden when watered. It’s a combination of paper card and a proper present in one.

Choose from four pop-up designs: Allottment, Botanical, City, Football. Write your note in the space provided and add an address and simply pop it into a postbox. The recipient will open the card and water the seeds which, in two weeks, will flourish into vivid green cress within the charming little PostCarden garden. Then the recipients can make some wonderful egg and cress sandwiches with the results.

This guarantees to take the tedium out of “bread and butter” letters, when you feel at a loss of what to say in a new or novel way.

— Aticcus



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