countessI am happy to hear that a cup of Earl Grey tea can lower cholesterol, writes the Countess du Ruel.  One of my good friends had a terrible time with statins, which she said turned her into a ‘zombie’ and for months she felt her life wasn’t worth living.  Statins have been handed out at GPs surgeries left, right and centre to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. and in many cases they have had disastrous complications.  It’s a great relief to hear that bergamot, the fragrant Mediterranean citrus fruit that gives Earl Grey its’ distinctive flavour, can help do this same job with no side effects on muscles and the liver.

Citrus fruits have long been part of the Mediterranean diet and have been used in traditional  folk medicines for the heart, but also to treat wounds, inflammation and as an antiseptic.  Bergamot helps people to lose weight and protect against diabetes.  Bergamot is delicious in jams, ice creams, and makes a base for perfumes which come from Southern Italy.

Researchers  from the University of Calabria in Italy are now hailing this home-grown product as a help to avoid heart disease and to create ‘good cholesterol.’  For those of us who have been worried about statins, this comes as a welcome alternative.  Let’s hear it for Earl Grey Tea!

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