Buscot Park Offers Teas, Gardens and Art

Tea cup birdseye view - no writingBuscot Park Tea Room is nestled into the gardens of Buscot Park in the verdant fields of Oxfordshire. It is a crowd pleaser for delicious cakes, teas and frescos of the Faringdon family!

This light and airy tea room is in the 18c stable block at the entrance to the Four Seasons walled gardens. A large and lofty space, it is frescoed ‘a secco’ (into dry plaster) on four walls depicting a painting cycle in the tradition of the Early Italian Renaissance.


Here Faringdon family members are represented as ornately dressed heroes from Greek myths and ancient history. Commissioned by Lord Faringdon in 1991, it depicts 60 larger than life figures including mythological giants and the Faringdon family, their children, their grandchildren, their faithful lurcher Casper (pictured), their homes, their gardens, the black swans, and various paintings (a painting within a painting) from the Faringdon Collection. All this is in the manner of the masters of the ‘quattrocento’, think Mantegna, Signorelli, Bennoto Gozzoli, Veronese, and Piero de la Francesca.

You see Lady Faringdon depicted as Bottecelli’s ‘Primivera’ and again as one of his ‘Three Graces.’ You see the Faringdon sons carrying heraldic flags as warriors returning from the glories of legendary ancient wars. Details from iconic masterpieces of the 15c are shown here in the dress of the family, drawn particularly from Andrea Mantegna’s historical friezes. Many of the symbols are secret and understood only by the family. The cycle inspires many comments and speculations about its’ hidden, enigmatic meaning from the members of the public whoenjoy tea here. All this carries on the legacy of commissioning new murals long established at Buscot Park. The artist has chosen to represent herself in the form of her loyal companion, her black Scottie, MacBeth.

This large room is used for shooting lunches in the autumn and winter months. From March until October when the house is open to the public, teas and freshly made sandwiches, cakes, and scones, and light lunch dishes are served, but of a high quality, rarely found in tea rooms.

The grounds of this 18c Palladian house (circa 1780) are spectacular and inviting and provide hours of peaceful wandering, especially the water gardens which spill in channels down the hill below the house into the ornamental lake. These were re-designed in the early 20c in classical style by Harold Peto. Descending trails of water in the Italianate fashion reflect the sky and the house and the surrounding trees and plants. This is one of Britain’s finest water gardens, which combines Italianate formality with English parkland.

The house offers fine art and Empire furniture, from Italian pictures to the Pre-Raphaelites, especially the stunning Burne Jones Legend of the Briar Rose, which is his masterpiece. This cycle depicts the story of Sleeping Beauty in four large painting which surround the formal drawing room with intervening spaces painted by the artist on site. They were acquired by the first Lord Farindon for this Drawing Room. This unique country house with its’interesting history, its’ wide range of art and antiques, and its’ vermilion reds and germolene pinks offers a welcome change from conformity and soulless taste of so many houses open to the public. Here you see a home, lived in and loved by the family and changing with the times and their tastes.

Adjoining the house in 18c fashion is the Theatre Pavillion which has been refurbished in raspberry velvet to create a stunning venue for concerts, theatrical events, or small operas. This charming room seats 64 people and is perfect for after dinner films or cabarets. Next door is a reception room which can be used for drinks or refreshments to accompany performances. This creates an inviting space to entertain guests with drinks in the gardens or if the weather is bad under the portal and in the room which was once a squash court.

All in all, Buscot Park is an impressive and memorable place to entertain or enjoy the gardens, the art collections, the teas, and the theatrical events on offer. Voila!

— Mrs M

Buscot Park
Buscot, Faringdon

Information Line:
Tel: 0845 3453387
Telephone (Mon – Fri):
Tel: 01367 240786
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