Alexandra Llewellyn

Alexandra Llewellyn has come up with the ultimate in backgammon boards, which are playgrounds for pheasants, palms and peacocks… and even nudes. Her beautiful boards are works of art, meticulously painted and lacquered, using rare woods and hand finishes, creating an “antique of the future,” so stunning you’ll hand them down through the generations.

Woods such as walnut, laurel, and sycamore are given zebra graining and hand lacquered in black and other finishes to produce an elegant, as well as practical, game board. Her peacock board bowls you over with the intensity of the turquoise ground which sets off the exquisitely painted peacock feathers.

Alexandra says her interest in backgammon came from her days as a child when she was introduced to the game by her Egyptian step-grandfather, who would take her on visits to smoky, mint-tea cafés in the allies of Cairo. She was impressed by the sounds of the game as dice and counters clicked on the boards. Backgammon is played all day and night in these cafés all over the Arabian Peninsula.

After travelling extensively, Alex trained as an artist in Leeds and UCSB in California. She lived and painted in Madrid, before returning to London to work with the Prince of Wales charity, Traditional Arts, where Islamic designs were married with traditional, hand-made craftsmanship.

Alexandra is intrigued with backgammon, which is the oldest board game and has been the passion of the rulers as well as the humble peasants of ancient civilizations of Persia, Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Far East. She tells us that a board was among the treasures found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Also, she continues that backgammon was described by Plato as a popular pastime and a version of it was used by the Romans to play an early form of strip poker.

For the most discerning clients, Alexandra will meet and discuss creating your very own personalized, one of a kind board. Then she will produce for you a magical board with your own symbols and ideas, which embody your personality, as well as the mystery of this ancient game. They are not cheap at £1,800, but they are forever!

— Mrs M

190-192 Ebury Street
London W8 6NX

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